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Why the name?

EOSYS was originally conceived
as Embedded Open SYStems
and we just liked the name.

What do we do?

Create unique software and hardware solutions and products.

Latest update : Free Kingdom hall projector controller for controlling your projector over your network(LAN). Can be used with or without touchscreens. (Windows installer).

Kingdom Hall Projector Controller for Windows

Developed for use with a Panasonic VW345N projector but should
work with any network connected projector that supports PJLink
Shows the live current power state of the projector
with just simple on/off and AV mute controls.
Works with or without a touchscreen.

You can download the Kingdom hall projector network controller
here for free.
NEW version v1.2 (released 07/12/2016) - Now control up to 3 projectors.

If updating from a previous version please uninstall this first
from 'add or remove programs'
before installing the latest version.

It is recommended that you download (save) the zip file to your
desktop and then open the zip file in explorer and run setup.exe.
Note : If Windows SmartScreen prevents installation.
Just click 'More info' and then 'Run anyway'.

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